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Far out, man in fun
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I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I've got no problem with people performing radical self-modification, including modification and/or removal of genitalia, so long as we, as a society, have agreed that such extreme modifications aren't primarily due to some underlying mental health disorder. And by that I don't mean 'wants to look like someone of the opposite sex,' I mean 'is depressed and/or suicidal and is likely to commit harm to his/her body beyond this particular procedure.'

My issue is *never* with the individual person, it's with the social cudgels created by segments of society which are designed 100% to stifle discourse and shame people into not voicing what are usually reasonable concerns about unusual behaviors in chunks of the population.

Dignity and humanity, 100% agreed. People are people, no matter how strange or disagreeable they might appear to you or me. You have to tolerate your fellow humans no matter how bizarre they might first appear, because underneath the surface the vast majority of us are pretty much the same.

As to the Pronoun Wars...I don't see *any* way that particular issue resolves itself. It's a permanent feature of the trans issue's terrain, and I think we should all settle in and accept that. I'm all for people pointing fingers and generally acting like idiots--or even bigots!--from the intolerant side because, frankly, that's the best way for onlookers to determine who's got the majority of the moral high ground. When people see one side consistently behaving badly in a debate/argument, and the other side remains calm and composed while never resorting to mud-slinging, it's pretty obvious who's got the stronger position. The trans crowd, and the majority of their vocal supporters/lobbyists/activists, are in a bit of a bind there though because the Western Left has gotten too used to mud-slinging as a primary, secondary, and tertiary course of action due to what is obviously a disproportionately large amount of support in the media. I'm not even arguing that such support isn't warranted, but having it on tap makes activists lazy, and when they become lazy they start every conversation off with an accusation like 'bigot' or 'racist' or 'homophobe' or 'islamophobe,' etc.., and that--right there!--cedes the moral high ground to all rational onlookers. It's a shame because I think there are plenty of trans activists, like Blair White, who do a TREMENDOUS job pleading the case for trans people.
Free Speech & Bad Ideas in fun
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My meta detection skills aren't up to par. Where's the spelling error in my meme?
A Jedi Reveals His Own Bias in fun
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That's a legitimate concern, given the relatively shoddy quality of writing in Hollywood.

But when it comes to George Lucas (the guy who beat Hollywood at its own game for the better part of four decades), even allowing for his somewhat uneven product quality, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt.
A Jedi Reveals His Own Bias in fun
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That's the beauty of that line, no? That a Jedi says, without a single whiff of duplicity, 'only our enemies deal in absolutes' demonstrates just how far down the rabbit hole the Jedi have gone.

Their prejudice and opposition to the Sith has infected everything about their ideology, to the point they can't even recognize their own hypocrisy.
Zhuge Liang #1 in fun
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