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Yikes!!! in politics
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JUST LIKE ME, THAT MEME WORKS FOR BOTH SIDES! | image tagged in bruce caitlyn jenner | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Born To Lie. Congrats Dems. in politics
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Seems like his voters/supporters believed it. How dumb can ya'll be? Believing the lies of a douchebag that has done NOTHING useful 47 years in politics.

Are you too dumb to read or just can't hear? Straight from the pedophile while running (i.e. hiding). His tweet says he has the answer. You believed it didn't you, snowflake? LMAO.

Now that he's in charge, his words are that he has no plan, has admitted defeat stating there is no way to stop this. You call that trying??? You sheeple are TOO FUNNY (in a sad way).

Try not to be offended by my words. YOUR savior said it first. I just shared it. Spew your bullshit somewhere else.