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Sauce running msmg daycare(real) in MS_memer_group
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I'm not a zoo, I never admitted to being a zoo I have never thought of being a zoo and your opinion on yiff doesn't change the fact you're mod abusing like lmao I haven't even broken a stream rule
thx TheZhongliSimp in LGBTQ
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lets take this to the anti zoophile army, ik TSGW is just watching this waiting for me to say something so he can ban my alts as well, like every pedo trying and failing to cover his tracks.
thx TheZhongliSimp in LGBTQ
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everyone here who supports pedophilia/zoophilia is a threat

what's the phrase?

"the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

as long as you fight against zoo's and pedo's I can put aside your dislike of furries so we can get rid of the real problem
thx TheZhongliSimp in LGBTQ
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TSGW can't leave imgflip bc the moment he's out of the protection of dumbasses he's gonna get executed by the furry fandom AND the LGBT💀💀💀