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Don't worry about those talking behind your back, they're behind you for a reason!
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F for anyone who has to try to spell this in fun
3 ups, 4m
That's a nice way think about it!
Drake Hotline Bling in gaming
0 ups, 4m
I personally like what they're doing with the ores. I really hated the streaked iron ore they put in, but then they reverted it back to what's in this meme.
As you can see i am not dead in fun
2 ups, 5m
This should also go in the gaming stream. Fortnite is trash. Minecraft is working on a "Caves & Cliffs" update, improving the caves. You get my upvote!
Minecraft reference hahaha in gaming
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The killer rabbit strikes again!
i did this for no reason but im happy i did it in fun
1 up, 6m
I have some memes I posted anonymously.