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Bad luck brain (classic meme style) in fun
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WHAT IF WE LIVED EVERY DAY AS IF WE WERE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF DECAY? | image tagged in stoned and bored | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Which we are, technically. That's your bright thought for the day. You're welcome!
Rachel was a Grand Night Champion coonhound, had to put her down at the age of 15 in fun
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The last dog we had died the spring before my son (whose doggie it was) left for college, in his arms, and he and his dad buried Wally the day before Easter. That little boy in the picture is my son, and he is so tenderhearted it broke my heart, too. I miss Wally, but he was one crazy dog!
Bad luck brain (classic meme style) in fun
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THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE "PILL OF IMMORTALITY" ACTUALLY WORKS. | image tagged in mummys ghost | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
But maybe it's better not to be immortal?