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David Hogg
I don't know much about Trump but you can't make billions without some shady deals so there is that. My issue with both parties is the same, they are all crooks only out for themselves. As for Iran, I knew it was their money but since they used it to buy weapons to use against our troops giving it back was stupid.
David Hogg
Lol, good one
David Hogg
I am on the fence with trump, he mostly spins others up. So far his scandals are minor, no billions to Iran, no favors to rich friends, no diplomats murdered while the military is told to stand down. I think Trump is a rookie.
David Hogg
CNN is still on the air?
David Hogg
I actually distrust all the media but in Hoggs case everything he says is a lie, he was never in a school shooting. He was at a school that had a shooting. He is just using the lie to push his own agenda.