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This happened to me earlier today :/
So you are the one that sent me an email to let me know you had won money in Nigerian lottery and needed someone to help cash out.
Captain Obvious
Many business move the holidays so they fall on Monday or Friday, so employees can have a 3 or 4 day holiday. Wednesday is the best option.
hate you
I did for for trump but only because he ran against her, I think he is waiting until the mid terms to destroy them all but I have to wait and see.
hate you
Just because a professional criminal like Hillary got away with her crimes doesn't make her irrelevant. I don't know if she has any statues but if so I would topple them before a confederate one.
Rising to the Ocasio-n.
Yeppers, every meme maker on this site works for Russia, you nailed it. They pay in gold you should submit a resume.