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Start with a solid foundation in politics
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If all it took was being female Hillary, Pelosi and the jihad squad will all be normal trustworthy people instead of drama seeking, self centered nut jobs.
A heartfelt Thank You in politics
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Pretty lady
From fake news to fake outrage in politics
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I agree with you our military needs to stop protecting Muslim communities from radical jihadis and come home to deal with MS13, BLM, antifa and other hate groups but that is really a law enforcement fight.
From fake news to fake outrage in politics
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In all seriousness, some of the actions could be used against them and probably should be punished, in court. The hard truth is more people everyday see senior democrats as a threat to peace. If that is their goal they have reached it. If they think anyone will ever see them as presidential they have failed. I used to vote person over party but those days are long gone, to many communists have wreaked it, even for a center democrat.
From fake news to fake outrage in politics
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Using a political office to encourage open resistance to the government, promoting illegal entry, ignoring laws, attacking 1st responders and impeding ever action and bill meets the requirement. BTW during periods of war he could charge them and they could all be shot, time for martial law and gitmo vacations. They keep claiming he is a fascist, he should become one and end them all, they could all rot while telling us all-told ya so.