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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not amused
According to the old woman, a snake oil salesman (her words) like Jackson showed up about every ten years and fooled the people. I only saw the one interview but he was supposed to use the money to improve every home on her street, it never happened. He pocketed the money and left.
Oops, my bad, I liked that comment and will use it someday myself.
I really don't have time to answer them all, what was your question?
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not amused
In the early 80's (yes I am old) Jackson showed up in Jackson Mississippi and raised money for people that still did not have indoor plumbing. A week after he left the local press talked to an older black lady and they had to bleep out her comments, she exposed him for a liar, she still had no money, no indoor plumbing and he skated away looking like a nation civil rights hero. He is nothing but a common thief.
This meme has gotten more of a response than most, even if I wanted I just don't have the time to argue. Having traveled the world a few times over (retired military) the only real privilege I have seen is rich vs poor. The poor fall into two main groups, those that hate the rich but demand help and those that love the rich because of the help. The rich fall into two main groups, rich that help to make themselves feel better and rich that help because they want to act like they care. In the end nothing changes, the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. All the drama about race is missing the forest to look at a tree.