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Back the Blue
The same should apply to people elected into office.
Back the Blue
Wrong, they uphold laws as written, if you don't like the laws, change they way you vote and elect better people.
Islam has an image problem but doesn't care
Which is exactly the point of the meme, until mainstream Muslims rise up against the violence in their name they are taking ownership of it. Silence is consent. Additionally no, no, no, no amount of they others have similar issues lies will erase the truth. The numbers do not lie, Islam wins the violence award over all other systems combined. Not just terrorism, dishonor murder, FGM, wife beating, **pe gangs, acid gangs, doesn't matter if it is legal under shira or sanctioned by their culture, sect or not. When criminal Muslims are caught they all blame Islam. Outsiders will believe them. Just because you don't like the truth, it doesn't change facts. Time for Muslims to join the rest of the world, in this century, we are here to welcome them and help them but it has to start with them. With 1.5 billion, even a low number like 5% amounts to a massive problem. Solving any problem starts by addressing the problem.
Islam has an image problem but doesn't care
Having spent most of my adult life in uniform dealing with Muslims, i agree 100%, that is why I made the meme, we can't save them and they are not ready to save themselves.