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Cree & Conservative. If you think I should be a liberal because I’m Native, then I think you’re a fucking racist.
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Question of the Day in conservatives
3 ups, 5mo
“The only people I see censoring books are conservatives.”

Amazon employees are demanding that so-called transphobic books be removed.

“That's not happening though”

Yes, it is. A simple internet search found it quite easily, both on Google and DuckDuckGo.

Maybe you should do some research before you make a bigger fool of yourself.
Question of the Day in conservatives
4 ups, 5mo
They’re asking for books to be censored, shows to be cancelled, etc. just because they are critical of them, which is literally asking for the special right to quiet the opinions of others.

And if you already have the ability to commit crimes (indecent exposure & public nudity) and not get arrested because of your sexuality, you have more than equal rights.
Question of the Day in conservatives
5 ups, 5mo
Equal rights, not extra ones.

Any other person exposing themselves in public would be arrested, especially if it was in the presence of minors.

They get praised for it as “brave and stunning” instead of ‘sick and degenerate’ like it should be.
What's up bro. in Real_Politics
4 ups, 5mo
Truth isn't decided by majority vote and neither is in conservatives
4 ups, 6mo
ONE smart comment amongst MANY stupid ones only means it was the exception to the rule.