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The war is not between the left and right, but between liberty and tyranny.
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Compassionate State
Wrong. First off, they wouldn't be shot in the head, but rather the heart, (a quick death). Also, its because of my distrust of government why it should be standardized, that way people wouldn't die in horrible ways. I don't trust lethal injection for example, for the person can't come back and tell us if it was a gruesome death. So the argument isn't if death penalty is moral or not, but when applying, is it humane as possible. That's compassion.
Communist World Government
Thanks again, but I feel the word will provoke more research into it. We need to stop beating around the bush and slap them with the hard truth. Again, just cause I point out the Italian Mafia doesn't make me anti-Italian, just cause I point out the KKK, doesn't make me anti-white, nor am I anti-Jewish for pointing out Zionism.
Communist World Government
Zionism has nothing to do with semetics but an ideology that promotes the Jews ruling over Gentiles. Look up Moses Hess, the inventor of Communism and Zionism, who influenced Karl Marx. I should also point out, most Jews you see are not really Semetic but are actually Ashkenazis. Your attempting to trick me into censoring myself while claiming its for some higher good. lol I'll take my chances. Thank you.
Communist World Government
People's ignorance is not my problem. I happen to give this meme out on FB and I get tons of shares and likes. So your wrong, it spreads like fire. I'm pointing at the source.
Communist World Government
Nah, look up Zionism, its originally a political and supremacist philosophy. Attacking Zionism is like attacking the KKK. If people are uneducated, that's not my fault.