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Who Would Win?
I'm talking about my mums friend who is an idiot but thinks he is some kind of genius when he is not a genius,if anything he is delusional,very boring,igrant,controlling,makes you want to punch him and tries to bring me down like my dad tried to bring me down before my mum and dad seperated. He whines alot, he never shuts up like any other stupid person with the brain of a wallnut and he believes that i'm incapible of doing anything and that i know nothing when i know a hell of a lot more than he does. He compares everyone to everything and other people and he is very cocky and when he is in the wrong he either crys like a baby or uses intimidation. he is basically my narcissistic dad all over again but with autism he swears a hell of a lot especially when he is being horrible.
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ok :(
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my dads an abusive monster