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Watch what you say and watch where to tread; do something shifty and you might end up dead.
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Skinhead John Travolta
You were literally faced with your own folly and reply with "lol rofl"? You obviously spent every brain cell assuming shit in the last comments. Grow up and get a life. I did. I made a Go***mn family since that first comment of mine. XD You're so pathetic you respond to comments that are months old and try to argue with people much smarter and older than you. You couldn't even respond to your mistake like a man, so you don't deserve another second of my precious time. :) Bravo. Get back to your room and do your homework, punk.
Skinhead John Travolta
"It's funny how hard you try. Especially when you don't even know what you're talking about. lol :l" Wow that sounds familiar, now where did I see a moron talking out of their ass? Oh yeah!! "And if you're an atheist, don't try and tell someone about God or the Messiah. You just look ridiculous. :l" Move on troll. You're too f**king presumptuous for this. :)
Skinhead John Travolta
Not an athiest, but nice try. Let's move on to our next contestant!
Peter Parker Cry
Finally! A Peter Parker Cry meme that made me smile!