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The Dumbest Inventions In History in fun
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We have some of these, albeit in a different format:

> Monowheel (motor wheel) = motorcycle (which, admittedly, is just a motorized version of a bicycle). The original idea was for a single continuous wheel to encircle and spin around the operator, who remained upright due to gyroscopic effects. However, the monowheel suffered stability issues. As an interesting note: If the engine was engaged and the outer wheel failed to spin, that force could be transferred to the driver, leading to a nauseating (or fun, depending how you look at it) loop-de-loop in your own personal roller coaster.

> Water scooter = jet ski.

> Flying boat / car powered by airplane propeller = hovercraft (air-cushion vehicle / ACV). These amphibious vehicles, while incapable of sustained flight, can be forced airborne for periods, although this "flight" is not exactly stable.

> Motorized roller skates = Segway, anyone?
Who’s with me? in fun
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Playing the devil's advocate: He annoyed the most people in the school; he was therefore given the award. Him being autistic was not taken into account. No one was discriminated against - all were given fair treatment by being included. It was him that won; it just turned out that he has autism.

Do I subscribe to this view, or believe that this is what actually happened? Not necessarily. But I like to view all possibilities before passing judgement.

And after reading a few of the news stories (discounting their titles, which are intended to be attention-grabbing), it appears a special education teacher presented their student (identity and even sex of said teacher have not been disclosed) with the award at the fifth-grade reward ceremony, which was attended by the principal, teachers, parents, and students. The teacher was not present at the graduation ceremony four days later. No indication is given if such an award is normally given at the ceremony. The student's father complained, and an apology was issued and disciplinary actions are being discussed.

Was the teacher wrong? Almost certainly. But hold your horses until all facts are presented - and at such time, I expect numerous papers to have drawn their own conclusions, muddling the waters. And people's knee-jerk reactions often stick with them, further complicating future actions.
hehe in fun
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public class Person
‎‎‎⠀⠀public string name;
‎⠀⠀‎// other variables

‎⠀⠀‎private void bowels()
Kicked Out of Car in Dark_humour
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You're right. They've got standards.
ok in fun
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