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I love nintendo and their video games, but this habit of theirs is so annoying in gaming
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That wasn’t really what I was saying
I was saying nintendo needs to not release a sequel to a video game series (like mario strikers) with less than half of the content of their predecessor and then promise to bring it back and then a little bit more in future updates as free dlc. It leaves a sour taste in the mouths of people that taints the game, even when the game is finished and becomes comparable to it’s predecessors.
Does this mean that whenever they introduce something new to a franchise they can’t take it away for any reason? No, not necessarily, but not replacing that thing with something else when you remove it will cause people to view the game sourly, and they’d be better off delaying the games launch so they can add all the free update content to be available at launch, it would leave people having much better views of the games.
Facts in fun
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Basically it’s some digital certificate applied to something to make it “unique”, even though most of the time, you can just screenshot the image it’s attached to and loose nothing of value, they usually costs thousands if not millions of dollars, are commonly made from stolen artwork, and use tons of energy to make, making them awful for the environment. Overall, nfts have always been and always will be a stupid idea.
Thanks! in fun
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Can’t. Gotta see those awesome memes and see my mutuals
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I honestly don’t know but if it is, I feel so bad for that poor wolf
comment if you did in fun
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Jokes on you, I made it on an ip- wait no, I think I did make my account on a school computer now that I think about it.