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"Pregnancy tissue" is another.
Ah, I see. Well, I'm very glad we are on the same page. You speak very wise words. Keep that quality.
how bastion was originally created
Yes, I love birb. I love birb. Good birb.
"Pregnancy tissue" is another.
I understand your reasoning. However, sometimes abortions happen because the other choice would lead to the child's life being horrible and/or the parent's life being horrible. For instance, what if a poor woman in a very poor place without a job was going to have an autistic kid with down syndrome? Would you say she shouldn't have an abortion? The child doesn't have a real consciousness at the moment so it's not like killing a grown person. What if the child was destined to be suicidal or hate every moment of their life because they have awful depression? This is what you should think about! I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, I'm just giving examples of why abortions should exist. :)