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Boys vs Girls in fun
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You're unique and priceless! I'm worth more if I'm parted out | image tagged in memes,woman yelling at cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Pun time in fun
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Maybe we want to lose our democracy if it looks like destruction of our homes? in politics
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Well, thanks for responding. Regarding the refugees, amnesty is not like candy on Halloween; it's given to people fleeing persecution or war, and even then it's not a guarantee. Just ask Obama; he turned away a lot of (I think) deserving people.
I am also against anchor babies and DACA; you are welcome to disagree with his policies. But if you want to discuss the Supreme Court's ruling, then don't forget that they stated, in essence, that Obama could sign an executive order and Trump COULD NOT rescind it, IN SPITE of Article 2 of the Constitution.
Regarding the 2018 quote, has he done that? Or has he made any effort to remove due process? If he did, he would have 900 federal judges slapping him down within hours. We on the right have learned to ignore a lot of what Trump says, and watch what he does closely.
The whole "secret police" thing has been debunked, like so many other accusations made up out of nothing. I'm sure you know very well that federal officers in uniform were chasing down rioters who were trying to destroy the federal buildings -- with people inside.
Regarding the USPS, you should check out some news sources outside of CNN. Refusing to send them $25 billion extra is not the same as "underfunding." MSNBC tells you that there are no examples of fraud in the mail in voting, while the rest of us read about the dead people voting in LA and the ballot stuffing in Philadelphia. Yeah, it's a real thing. We need to cast our votes in person.
But really, these are not the items you listed at first, for the most part. The fact is, the main stream media calls him a tyrant out of one side of their mouths while cursing him for not overruling the states. It really doesn't matter what he does, they will hate him because he is not part of the ruling elite.
Maybe we want to lose our democracy if it looks like destruction of our homes? in politics
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MY PLAN IS ALMOST COMPLETE | image tagged in emperor palpatine | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I fear there are elements of our government that use the mob to their advantage, to gain power.