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Childhood heroes have gotten old
Oh sorry I was high on caffeine on the time of writing that
Childhood heroes have gotten old
Im sorry but i you actually think after years of fighting and on the run, he wouldnt have aged in some way, then that is pure idiocy. Aging doesent have to be physical. I you are going to discount 50 years of fighting to "just grew a beard" then i feel sorry for you.
Childhood heroes have gotten old
Ok so let me get this straight, after 50 years his mind wouldnt age. Im sorry but its obvious he has went mad, did you even watch the trailer
Childhood heroes have gotten old
I thought this arguement would come up. While he hasnt aged in 50 years physically, i think its clear his mind has lost its young hope in people.And is now old man in heart. Also technically everything ages in a certain way
I likes ya....
like this gif we can do this the easy way or the hard way