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NYT misinformation in politics
0 ups, 3m
And Biden showered nude with his daughter, besides screwing her. The NYT admits her diary is genuine. Keep making an ass of yourself.
No live videos of war? in politics
0 ups, 3m
Exactly what I was referring to. Media suppression.
Headline in politics
1 up, 5m
The problem today, as it was under Stalin, is it's not who votes, but who COUNTS the votes.
Chaos in politics
0 ups, 5m
Tell it to spell check.
Voila in politics
2 ups, 7m
Would you risk going up against HRC? She still has the FBI files, and people that oppose her seem to end up killing themselves. In this case, Nancy is old, and a stroke or heart attack could easily be arranged by the Clintonites.