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I've been getting lots of hate/conspiracy comments. Will u guys let me prove to u that I am perfectly fair and honest? in fun
2 ups, 7y
His shit ISN'T original, AND he upvotes the shit out of his own stuff, AND he attacks others when they insult (well, call his memes hack from the Vaudeville era as well as crap is just calling a duck a duck) his work.
IF he could manage only one of the three, I wouldn't care -- but he's a bully on the loose and those who defend him are just as tarded as him - or one of his alt accounts.
Which are you?
Bad Luck Brian in fun
0 ups, 7y
Why are all the replies to this funnier than the post?
And put it on the last good credit card in fun
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Oh, and obvious Fairy is obvious --- I just don't give 2 fukks about spending that much time downvoting such a giant pile of sh1t memes. It's all recycled, unoriginal hack.
And put it on the last good credit card in fun
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You found one account, you fat shitty loser! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
waaaaaaah! I'm crying soo freaking much, due to your seething jealousy over the fact that my tertiary account is waay fukking funnier than yours ever was.
Keep it up (or, down, in your case). It's the only thing you have in your life you cumstained sh1tburger.
Anti Joke Chicken in fun
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I'm going through the anti chicken pages - I've fukking laughed at everyone of yours, and almost no thumb's ups. peeps...