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Straight up waste of money in fun
1 up, 10h
My son is the exact same way (and his paychecks suck donkey you-know-what!)
I’ve honestly never seen a fight in school before, but I hear about them all the time in fun
0 ups, 1d
Coming from someone who was almost one of the combatants of one: you are a lucky individual. I hope you stay that way.!
Deep thoughts in fun
0 ups, 5d
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You get an upvote meme simply for replacing that nauseatingly stupid "Too Damn Annoying" meme that was at the top!.
Too damn annoying in fun
1 up, 6d
Then you should have a neighbor do your Walmart shopping for you.
Too damn annoying in fun
2 ups, 6d
If your parents make you do things TO YOURSELF, they need to be reported to the nearest Child Services Representative!