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Temno deals all of my life problems in fun
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This is currently my favorite song ever! "Темно" by KHAYAT. I love this song for some reasons and I couldn't stop listening.
Music artist w/ little recognition are cool than famous celebs in fun
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OK, I'm gonna be very honest with you, so let me explain. We do know that most modern, world-famous music artists can make trashy music (and their trashy music videos with plastic butts and trash talks), as well as their personalities are also trashy. However, there are not world-famous artists who not only they make actual good music, but also have better personalities as well and can be stoic at times under pressure. Personally speaking, I usually avoid listening trashy music about making-love, drugs and plastic butts, and I usually listen to old classics (like David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Beatles, etc.), jazz, movie/video game soundtracks and folk music until I watched Eurovision 2019 which I discovered better surprisingly music artists there, mostly are from another countries (Mahmood from Italy being my fav, even though he's getting more famous by now, he still has his angelic personality) (Conan Osiris from Portugal is my 2nd fav), as well from National Finals (like KHAYAT from Ukraine, my absolute fav artist to this day after Vidbir2020). It may require more listens to like them, but they can be instantly liked at first listen. Don't like them, then it's fine, no pressure. Nobody's forcing you like them. (P.s., excuse me for my English, it's not my native language.)
Two Buttons in fun
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Seriously, guys! 9GAG has better content there, but here on imgflp has better and friendlier people. I'm not backstabing one site to another (which I never do) because I like both sites, but people on 9GAG just write crap on me, totally offending me without warning, even when I'm being nice to everyone.