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Star Wars Yoda
Said the narcissist who cannot understand slavery of females is over forever!
Matrix Morpheus
I am not associated with any politics but I do support Gloria Allred so whatever dude but slavery is over so get over it dungeon boy and smile :)
Star Wars Yoda
No said the Kermit the frog who knows that real guys don't think that they are superior to females or any other kind of males! Smile :)
Star Wars Yoda
It's kind of funny that you know what a strong man is being that your a beta chuck but it's ok beta guys are guys too and I am sure that your definition of men as being all the same is wrong comes from a place of desire rather than purposely trying to insult all males and say that all of them are sexist. Be happy and safe, and always remember to smile k :)
Ancient Aliens
research the patriarchy on google or other browser. Also go to the library or order books about it from amazon