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Unpopular Opinion Puffin
For now I totally agree with you. I myself am bisexual, and would gladly defend other innocent gay people.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Your logic is based off of total assumptions of character without a single clue about who you are talking about, you drag these out of context to enforce your bigoted beliefs and attack others for the slightest of any disagreement with your notion of a perfect world.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
I myself am a bisexual Christian, and despite my Christian values, I support gay marriage, because I do not believe it is wrong. I will not force my beliefs on others, nor will I be upset with individuals who interpret the Bible differently than I do.
This is what we've come to...
She's Baha'i so it doesn't even apply but thank God you can laugh
Gun Violence
What you do not realize is "licensed" teachers have high training, qualifications, and the perfect mental health to carry a weapon. There is also the option to not carry a weapon at all. That is a personal decision, as you said, it is not required, so teachers may refuse if they choose to. Teachers will take their own time to be trained, they work with kids daily they know how to have self-control with their weapons. Teachers will be able to defend themselves and their students just as easily as guards, but this brings up the topic of armed veterans guarding schools.