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EXcUsE me WtF in Memenade
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*scrapes 0.35380205 kilograms of both fat and flesh*
LOL!!! in fun
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people can have the same ideas, like the small handgun, berretta, was thought of by many different people all because of "what if a pistol worked like a middle-high class fire rate firearm"
Roblox really did it this time... in Roblox
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more like exacerbating on a poor kid's behalf, like that time a young child who just got banned for craving to add a jpeg of a cookie on a plate to robox's decals page. Yes that has happened.
roblox, REALLY???!!! in Roblox
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That is fake, they no longer show the image and they have an actual moderator, not a bot, to check up on the image before termination, otherwise it's a warning
just think of it in fun
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MATH: | image tagged in am i a joke to you | made w/ Imgflip meme maker