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Hey imgflip mods, everything is a sport if it includes exercise! So technically this can be in sports in fun
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No I meant regular darts, just because all the regular darts look the same doesn't mean they are all elite darts, Zombie strike has their own darts, N-strike has their own darts. They aren't all called Elite, I have every single Nerf Blaster Brand, don't give me the cap.
Nothing To See Here, Just A Farmer Moving Goats in fun
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I am so alone, nothing feels like home
Sorry if this ruins your day, I suggest a gallon of unsee juice in fun
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Here it is today, my worst ever meme.
yes, i know that meme was not intetional to hurt our feelings...but it hurts anyway :,( in fun
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Don't give up on making memes, you are meme lord material