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That Would Be Great
Oh, and don't try using the fact that they both say 2 days right now. Wait till later tonight, around 9 or 10pm, and mine will turn to 3 days will the other stays at 2.
That Would Be Great
I'm raging because I don't like being blamed for things I didn't do. Whether you did your research or not doesn't matter, the fact is that you were wrong. You probably saw the meme but failed to notice upload dates. You may have done your research, but not completely. If you would like me to ask in a calmer way, than may you please provide me with your proof? If you would like my proof than here you go https://imgflip.com/i/ibi4p
That Would Be Great
Oh really? Than mind showing me some proof to back up your statement?
That Would Be Great
If your referring to the one that had only 12 upvotes, yea if it was on the front page it wouldn't of been there for long. Oh, and not to mention it was made ONE day ago. Meaning that it was made AFTER mine. All the other one's I saw had either 1 or 2 likes, and would not of made it on the front page. Try doing your research before accusing someone of reposting!
That Would Be Great
Dude, are you seriously accusing me of reposting! People have been changing up the word any way they could. I looked and didn't see any with "Late" so I used it, though I'm positive it already has been done. Every think that they reposted from me!?!