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I don't watch them. But the only reason the studios keep making them is because the same people go see them over and over again so the film makers make two or three times the original budget back. Back in December when Saving Christmas was released and was met with bad reviews and bad box office reception, Kirk Cameron actually pled with people on his Facebook fan page to go see it again to help box office numbers. And he did it again when War Room was climbing the box office charts. And I remember when Left Behind (2000) was released, my religious relatives sent out e-mails (aka spammed people) and told people to go see it in theatres and make it number one at the box office. So, I guess my point of that I don't go see them, buy the fact that these movies are now being mass produced and marketed as mainstream movies is a sign that these (emotionally dangerous) Christian groups are making too much money with these films. People like that made me grow up to totally despise fundamentalism with a true passion. And not just Christianity did this. Scientology did it too with Battlefield Earth. I guess you can call me prejudice, but this is just how I feel.