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One small meme for man; one giant leap to conclusions.
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School lunch in fun
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Soylent Green is People!
Coincidence? I think not... in politics
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Usually deaths increase. Not many people experience life after death.
technically he's right in fun
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True story: I was in LA, went on a date with a guy who took me to a Chinese buffet. He said 'You know, this place used to be a Mexican Restaurant.' I looked around and replied "It still is". He shushed me and said in a low voice 'Shhh...You're going to get us killed'.
Inspired by cweagle1234 in fun
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Rosie books an entire ship (run by Norwegian cruise line) for one week every year and brings all her lesbian friends for a water orgy. How do I know? Well, they got to have some people to work the ship. :P