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I make dead memes, some aviation, some not.
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Get ready, he’s gonna do it! in fun
1 up, 8m
Apparently this thing has been posted elsewhere on the vast world of the internet over the past day. Can’t believe how much this has blown up, thanks everyone!
Get ready, he’s gonna do it! in fun
0 ups, 8m
Fortunately it is, so their planes can’t crash. Lol.
never in fun
1 up, 9m
This is incredible.
There Goes My Entire Childhood. in fun
0 ups, 10m
I know.

Only thought it would be a good idea for a meme now, lol.
G.O.A.T. in fun
1 up, 10m
How is he racist? Name one thing he did or said that makes him a racist. I’ll wait.