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Untitled Image in MarvelFanatics
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Emma frost for only $20? I’m sorry sir but that is way underpriced. Along with Wanda
Untitled Image in MarvelFanatics
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Ever thought about this? in MarvelFanatics
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That’s why he made a new suit at the end
Untitled Image in MarvelFanatics
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Aren’t the stones magic tho?
Superman vs Jesus. in fun
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Again. I’m religious and believe all the stuff you don’t give a second thought too, but I understand we’re you’re coming from and see that you’ve done some research to justify your reasoning unlike some people on the internet who just take out of context verses and stuff and I’ve decided to respectfully end the argument with this statement, Jesus was perfect so whatever he did he did in the perfect way even if people don’t think that or just completely don’t believe in him