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Asexual_Reaper (11522)
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Haha I want to change it to DeadlyDemiboy, but it won't let me
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I need advice... in LGBTQ_too
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Oki... thank u :3
Change My Mind in fun
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*slaps face* my insane friends have infected me...
I need advice... in LGBTQ_too
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Well... true. But my dad says "Women are made to compliment men" like, he thinks women and men bring out the best in each other. It makes me feel like if he found out what it means that he would be anti-LGBTQ+
<3 in LGBTQ_too
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YES! I am Asexual and Aromatic! I love ur art!
Only guys will understand part II in fun
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meme* (not "me")