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"Oblivious Ghost" || Ghost Week Jan. 21-27...A LaurynFlint Event in fun
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She is holding on to any human parts left of her past self, and if that means “walking” down stairs, so be it.
Batman Slapping Robin in fun
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Blue has a larger wavelength than purple and a lower frequency.
Roll Safe Think About It in fun
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YOU GET A LIVER PROBLEM! YOU ALL GET A LIVER PROBLEM! YOU GET A LIVER PROBLEM! | image tagged in memes,oprah you get a | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
That my friend is how you get a liver problem
trump toddler in fun
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The one on the left is legislation! And the one on the right is judicial! If only he actually acknowledged their existence. Wouldn’t that be a great country.
Cinderella’s shoe in fun
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Because the fairy god mother wanted Cinderella and Prince Charming to be together so in her spell when the clock strikes midnight she allowed the slipper to fall off Cinderella’s foot. Thus ensuring the prince could find Cinderella and they could live happily ever after. The end.