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Amy Coney Barrett failed to disclose talks on Roe v. Wade hosted by anti-abortion groups on Senate paperwork in politics
1 up, 4m
Don't people like you get tired of the auto-pilot troll memes. such pathetic blind devotion to a single party/ideal/whatever (this goes for people on all sides). I only look at politics memes for morbid curiosity but this shit is too cancerous for me. You should all try not caring about this shit so much and see how it works out. not that you will but whatever
Expanding Brain in politics
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If the media is on your side, you are not the resistance | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Vote Joe! in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Oprah You Get A in politics
1 up, 4m
1. You want people to die 2. The virus probably won't kill them
Think before you meme, unless of course you are just some pathetic troll.
nono its was all the dmes fault maga in politics
6 ups, 4m
4 wrongs in one meme, Bravo!