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I dislike Normies and Thots, therefore this site is my enemy. ?????egone THOT.
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She is one slippery character!!!
My IQ is 155. Thanks for reminding me it's not 500. Anyway, I know you're not going to jump out of my screen, you're probably too white to jump at all. And you didn't read my message. I have Autism (unironically).
She is one slippery character!!!
I've constructed the perfect comeback, using hours, even days of my time: "ur mom gay"
She is one slippery character!!!
I can't use material wen talking to this site. Most of the users' IQ barely exceeds their age, so allusions to WW2 and Shakespeare confuse their little brains. And if you're older than I think, then why did you act like a three year old when you threatened to go berserk? Trust me, Tybalt, you don't know what anger is. (Autism is a joke if you have it yourself) (And cancer is cancer, not autism)
She is one slippery character!!!
Awwww, you deleted my comment. You're insecure. If you were actually funny I wouldn't be here. Just something to think about.
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Hey, that's pretty good.