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Corona-chan beer advert in fun
0 ups, 4h
w000t! 30k views! Thanks guys! XD
PolandJoke in politics
0 ups, 3m
It's a spin off from this:
Hot girl gamers in fun
0 ups, 7m
It was referring to mind games, but a valid point.
Magic the Gathering Hurricane Dorian in fun
0 ups, 10m
I started a multicolor card by accident after having done the virus cards. I might do a blue version later.

Dorian's first ability does not cause it to be destroyed at the end of the turn if it doesn't have any level counters to lose to begin with. So it can wipe out every island each turn for free.
Dorian loses the ability to draw cards at level 3 and beyond. The logic is that as it becomes a major hurricane, it becomes too dangerous to retrieve stuff it brings ashore...