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Vince in Bilderberg in politics
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It's not a conspiracy. #1 and #2 are well under way in Finland. There are factions that no doubt would want to see #3 happen, but at the moment you have China and Russia who are climate skeptics and will use their veto right to block it. Euthanasia and extended abortion rights are also not approved in all countries so #4 is difficult to achieve.
Rarest girlfriends in politics
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Yeah, me too. The current human women are spoiled. The problem with reptilians is that they all eat raw meat to some extent... if you go to bed with her and tell her to eat you up, you might not wake up the next morning... but then again, human women suck the life out of your bank account too. And reproduction might be off question since they form an egg inside their womb around the fetus, which probably wouldn't sustain a human child... but then again, it's not possible with human women either due to a varietty of reasons, so what's the diffrence?
Google Maps. in fun
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image tagged in trump world map | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
It's hard to stay on track of all these new countries in Africa... The new world map by Trump administration is somewhat... lacking in detail:
Vince learns about the Lacerta files in fun
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It's based on the findings of Ole K. in Sweden with an alledged reptilian. His interview can be found online: