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If you are so offended by my memes that you feel the urge to comment, just know that I don't give a sh*t.
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Wait For It.. in fun
0 ups, 4mo
If only that went to starving kids in Africa. Womp womp.
Furry hunter in Middle-School
0 ups, 4mo
If you aren't a furry, then why are you defending them. This isn't your fight. You're just a no life who tries to start wars in the comments.
Shrek in one gif(first five minutes, full movie soon!) in fun
1 up, 4mo
If only movie today were as good as shrek. Now we have Turning Red, which is the biggest piece of hot sh*t I've ever seen.
Furry hunter in Middle-School
0 ups, 4mo
Furry hunter in Middle-School
0 ups, 4mo
We Anti-furries are merely trying to show you what is wrong with dressing up as a sexualize animal.