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I like food, dogs, and usually I'm pretty friendly, unless you eat my croissants, then I will find you
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Time raptor in starwarsmemes
0 ups, 5m
yes, i want to rant about why the confederacy is evil and the glory of the galactic republic
Henlo in fun
1 up, 6m
henlo doggo
anime subbers in fun
0 ups, 6m
thank you
Storytime in begging_for_upvotes
0 ups, 6m
you're... begging for upvotes as an excuse to talk about why you hate someone? seems like a waste of time to me
The future world if in gaming
0 ups, 6m
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
well if minecraft were free it would go out of business eventually so society would be more like this