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I be child memer :3 I also have another account that's called Child-Weeb that won't get verified for some reason :/
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5 panel gru meme in gaming
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Nice name
5 panel gru meme in gaming
2 ups, 4m
Depends on what video games they are. MarioKart? Lego Star Wars? Wii Sports?
Soldier protecting sleeping child in gaming
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Almost the entire fandom of Persona 5 is toxic, also. From what I've seen and heard from them, they keep spamming Atlus to port it to the Switch and are always talking about the girls and stuff. Most of them don't even want to play the other games in the series because they're "too old" and "look too much like anime", even though most of the video games in the world look a lot like anime since most of them are made in Japan. If there are any Persona 5 players reading this, and you aren't part of the toxic fandom from the game, this doesn't count for you. Just thought I would share this :)
"Logic" in cats
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image tagged in yes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
rekt in fun
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I can't look at anyone's faces because I feel weird when I do that