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Don't You Have Anything Better To Do?
Not to start an argument, but it looks like he stopped to actually buy some. Am I the only one who sees this? Police often do random nice things for children (such as buy8ng lemonade from them), and it seems ludicrous to assume that he’s closing down a lemonade stand just because there’s a picture of him and the stand in the same place. Just something to consider :)
Hetfield Paddywhack!
Even though I’m a huge Metallica fan, I didn’t seem to get this the first time I saw it XD. This is hilarious. Upvote :)
Remove the comment timer please!
Thank you. I hope so XD
Some "Peaceful" Christians Had To Leave This Hateful Comment Because Of A Humorous Image
As a Christian, I beleive that Jesus would have been very disapointed with Alex’s choice of words, and his behavior in that comment. However, as far as I can tell, you chose not to show the meme that he commented on. Judging by what is visible, it appears that its a picture of a stick figure being beheaded by another stick figure, and calling it “the cure for Christianity”. It appears as though Alex isnt the only intollerant one... (hint hint, your meme is outragiously offense towards billions of people, however, in America, you have the right to proclaim your oppinion either way) It seems unfair to call Alex intollerant when he’s commenting on your meme expressing how the only way to fix Christianity is to murder all of them. (For the record, I do not support Alex’s comment. It was outrageous and disrespectful) P.S. Alex never claimed to be a Christian. All that’s obvious from his comment is that he’s offended by the concept of mass murdering billions of people, like any sane person should be... Just somehing to consider. Posting a meme like that is going to get angry hateful comments. That does not make it okay, but its only stupid to not expect it.