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exactly how daft my mom is.
Omg those Facebook jokes are cringy and out dated. It makes sense that this is almost two years old
Bad Pun Dog
Thanks. I wouldn't doubt that, especially with the world holding eight billion people. It becoming more and more likely for two minds to think the same, two people born in different countries to have the same voice, look, and even fingerprints. And besides, everyone knows that one saying, brilliant minds think alike.
Bad Pun Dog
Well, I just don't want to be seen as a reposter on this site. They are not exactly... popular... on this website.
Bad Pun Dog
Oh go***amn it you used the same joke as me three weeks ago. I'm sorry, I had no idea I reposted you. If you want I will take it down.
Bad Pun Dog
What do you mean when you posted this