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Lets shift the conversation from blaming the victim, to fixing the structural causes
NAFTA opened the door for more poor trade agreements; it made the problem worse in the 1990s as corn farmers in Mexico could not compete with the cheap US corn that was flooding the markets; they could not compete with the low US corn prices because corn farming is subsidized by the US Gov in America which artificially lowers the US corn prices. Current Employer sanctions are a slap on the wrist that big companies can afford to pay and still make profits while continuing to hire illegal immigrants. A book that articulates the realities of cheap labour on the US black market is "Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market" by Eric Schlosser; he goes into depth about the realities of illegal immigrants being used for farm work in the US, and how some employers hire illegals to pick produce and then call ICE on their own employees to keep from having to pay those workers after the work is done.
Good guys don't think healthy boundaries are a burden
Good guys don't think healthy boundaries are a burden
I've also encountered men who think I'd sleep with them to get a job; I have never done anything to allude to those or any other prospective employers that I would sleep with someone for a job.
Good guys don't think healthy boundaries are a burden
ok, here's a few I've encountered first hand as a woman: Men who literally grab and/or slap my ass, breasts, and/or thigh without my consent, often refusing to stop after I tell them no... which usually results in me slapping them in the face or kneeing them in the crotch to get them to stop when using words fail. Men who sneak up behind me to snap my bra strap while I'm wearing it. Men who have tried to **pe me... literally, not figuratively; they too are given a swift kick to the p**is. I'm usually pretty chill and have many guy friends who would never do any of those things to me, it's just the guys who don't take heed that "no" means "no" and/or who feel entitled to touching my body in inappropriate ways without my consent that I take issue with.
Extreme fishing
rare footage of Chuck Noris fishing