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Distract, distract, distract in politics
4 ups, 2d
Or the 3rd way, "Shingles" is a side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine, they knew this was coming, so they crashed a truck of lab monkeys in Pennsylvania, make a big fuss about it, later say a woman got sick, then a couple of months pass and they shout Monkeypox, they show us pictures of severe "Shingles" and pass it off as "Monkeypox", so Bill Gates can sell the world a pox vaccine, then the WHO (who'll be running the world by then), will declare an emergency and shut the world down again, much to the delight of their WEF masters.
Evil in politics
2 ups, 2d
Then hung.
Joe has a plan in politics
0 ups, 2d
Joe has a plan in politics
1 up, 3d
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And its no better in Boris's Britain. (prices are for a litre, not a gallon.)