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I literally cried at this very moment in Anime
0 ups, 4w
Exactly why I have an Ai figurine near my pc, shits tragic
This is for all y’all military furs in anti-furr_vs_furr
0 ups, 1mo
just become a service member idk
Acoustic Levitation in fun
0 ups, 1mo
Me listening to my favorite music then I start ascending for some reason
That's escalated quickly in fun
0 ups, 1mo
Surely I'd do something if that happened.
If they were straight i still would too because why tf u doin it outside bro thats why you have a home!
how many kids do you have in fun
1 up, 1mo
Cop 8: You have 3200 kids in your basement
Cop 7: Double it and give it to the next person