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Some humans are immune to intelligence and reasoning. So feel free to send them a pipe bomb in the mail
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Rugi Violence Todoroki (insert) in OCs
0 ups, 4w
great job keep it up :)
Da title in fun
0 ups, 2mo
It doesnt get any better
Drew an OC on a whiteboard in OCs
0 ups, 2mo
Nice unique hair style!
This is already her third redesign lol (info in image desc) in OCs
0 ups, 2mo
Awesome color palette! The blues and the indigo really complement each other and can really make some beautiful stuff. Keep it up! :)
It popped up in my head so I doodled a goth(?) version of Alter in OCs
0 ups, 2mo
noice art style (thumbs up emoji)