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Thanks for the good belly laugh. I hear you, I'm a grammar nazi, and a life long computer nerd, so I see an error relating to either of those in a meme, I'm all over it. And I used to go rabbit hunting with my dad back in the 60's before not giving chocolate to dogs was 'a thing' and dad would always give our beagles part of a Hershey bar as a reward for a good hunt, and it never seemed to bother them. Again, TY for the laugh.
smell of napalm
LOL. That's so wrong.
Special Kind of Stupid
Repairing our country. Not even two weeks in and he has half the government in chaos, and the rest of it waiting for him to turn his evil eye their way. If that's your idea of repairing, its a good thing you never went into auto or appliance repair.