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Trump Bill Signing in fun
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Me: 'Casting Cancer Curse Spell'
Sfx# "whoosh whoosh"
Challenger: ['now afflicted with cancer curse spell, the 10 day curse is now in effect']🤞
Me: "Fool to challenge dis madafaka is like challenging the almighty himself, now suffer my wrath"

>>>by the way bruh, tnx for commenting have fun.😂😆.
Trump Bill Signing in fun
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Sorry Bruh, looks like this Cat is a goner...

Me: hello kitty, master here have a bucket of water, time for a long bath.
Cat: Fuk! u owner, dis madafaka is out'ta here...🐱‍🏍

Sorry Bruh, the Cat got away, but don't worry, I use a shotgun next time 🤞😆