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Hello my name is p h r o g I am on as @outpizzathehut :shrug:
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Idk I guess I got too much support so I’ll return the favor by upvoting everything I can. in fun
2 ups, 1m
this is actually upvote quality.
This is legit funny.
He is not wrong about the views in fun
0 ups, 2m
THIS IS TOM SCOTT! For all the people who might not know, he made it so the code updated the title for every view it's so freaking cool
I draw it myself in fun
1 up, 2m
how do you draw this so well I have only been able to draw gru on accident O>O SUCH A GOOD ART genuinely haha
h in Middle-School
3 ups, 2m
Wait hold up.
Hold up how does this call me out PERFECTLY
MY EYES!!!!! in Middle-School
0 ups, 2m
that's the vegan teacher ....