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Why Ness out of all people? in MS_memer_group
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No worries mate, it's not canon nor does the game imply it in the slightest, it's just a stupid account that keeps spamming these evil rainbow cult propaganda flags even on the straightest of straight characters (for those who haven't played EarthBound, Ness is canonically straight and there's even a music called "Because I Love You" for loving Paula).

It's this account BTW, thank God it's been dead for 6 years now.

I just came across another one of these evil accounts that keep spamming these evil flags and thank God that one is also dead for 2 years now.
Reddit Admins' Hypocrisy, They Don't Call it "Hate Speech" if it's Against Islam! That's Why Reddit is a Toxic Cesspool in fun
1 up, 7mo
Is it really surprising from a website controlled by the ADL, the Jewish "civil rights advocacy" group that was founded after a Jewish pedophile and murderer called Leo Frank got lynched for raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl?

Nice Article There BBC! It TOTALLY Doesn't Ring a Bell of Another Similar Hijacking! in politics
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They wrote another article about it BTW:

And yet STILL refuses to write an article about how the rainbow was obviously hijacked.
But I Thought the Word Groomer Was Just a "Stupid, Hateful and Nonsensical Conspiracy Theory"?! in politics
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