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Shower of burns in fun
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Plot twist: the shower was already burning hot
But it's a dry heat in fun
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Did my original reply to this not end up sending?

I essentially was saying that we have humidity reported down here because it sometimes even reaches 100% like our asses gonna swim to work. But some reporters do, some don't report the humidity in favor of 'feels like'
But it's a dry heat in fun
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Sorry for the late ass reply, but the last time I've check Louisiana weather reports. A lot of places will report the humidity, or at least the feels like.
But it's a dry heat in fun
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They have to show what it "feels like" because some places have annoyingly high amounts of humidity. Down here in Louisiana, 70F can feel like 100F because it's so humid. Sorry if I ruined the joke :)
brain evolution in fun
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