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Hmmm, what could this mean? in fun
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Help, I accidentally a coke bottle in fun
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Filling out an online job application the other day. One of the skills I could enter was "photosynthesis". I was dumbstruck. Where can one learn photosynthesis? Eating takes up a lot of time and food is expensive AF. 🤷🤔☀️🥦
Points or Likes? in fun
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Yet it still garnered almost 10x the up votes that the cheeky meme did calling out begging. Just saying. Errybody vs. Trolls...Trolls seem to win every time. Ithe almost makes me wish I'd cancelled my AOL while I could still stop. Internet is a bad habit. Stay in school kids. Wait, school is on the Internet now?

*calmly loads revolver*
McDonalds Dude? in fun
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It upsets me a bit that this isn't titled something involving the phrase "facial creampie". I would like to speak to the manager. #karend
Don't mind if i do in fun
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Yo, for real are you two on salary for YT and speechify? I'm just curious how someone gets the job of trolling imgflip to sneak in free endorsements. 🤣😉

Nah, you're good. Everyone needs a side hustle.