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M A G A in politics
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Untitled Image in politics
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Pork Bill that the Senate had to pass and Trump had to sign in order to get relief to the American people.
The Great Chinese Cover Up in politics
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TDS is a mental disorder that neutralizes facts and logic.
Pretending the coronavirus wasn't real didn't work. And that's how we got here. Same with climate change. in politics
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Yeah, the way Democrats said that the measures Mr Trump was taking were unnecessary, Deblassio told New Yorkers to ignore it and New Orleans held the Mardi Gras.

Oh and the way all of the Global Warming Provaqueteurs fly all over the world in their private jets.
When The Privileged Need Weaned From The Government Teat in politics
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He is not stupid, he just bought into the Democrat race baiting.

Oh, s***! He's stupid.