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Probably won't win the upvote prize
Another side note. As the sponsor for Cleavage week, I kept a running tally of those marked accordingly. This is the last one at #315. Yoga pants made it to #316. But the King of theme weeks is Lego week with 337 tagged memes!
Probably won't win the upvote prize
As a side note, I posted this one of Natalie Dormer (The Tudors, Game of Thrones). She is a very beautiful woman in classy pose and it was still marked NSFW. :-(
Probably won't win the upvote prize
I wanted to apologize again for our idiotic caveman antics during Cleavage week and Yoga pants week. I realized that the topic may not have the same appeal for everyone. If the tables were reversed and it was "Chippendales Dancer week" I would be grossed out and know how you feel. Sorry. ;-)
Probably won't win the upvote prize
;-) I was at my VA doctor waiting patiently for the receptionist to call me up. Waiting. Waiting. She looked very intent on what she was doing on the computer. Waiting. She calls me up finally. I get a peek at her screen: Facebook.