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Blank Bingo |  KuwataStar842's Bingo!!! Prefers to wear long sleeves; Has been 2 Hot Topic; Has a cat and a dog; Likes to eat plain tortillas; Likes anime; Hates scrambled eggs. Like, a lot; Dr. Pepper is best soda; Makes at least 1 reference a day; Likes video games; Likes Memes; Wears Glasses; Bites nails; Usually just forgets to make bed in morning; Prefers a bath over a shower; Has held hands with a girl in real life; Prefers the heat over the cold; Has gotten lost; Has way too many oc's; Actually kind of likes school; Has braces; Its easy to make friends; Has woken up at 2:00 am for Christmas; Likes to read; Has never broken a single bone | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Bingo |  aaaa; charlze1 bingo; used to play COD mobile; plays minecraft; old rblx account got hacked; plays roblox; used to play black ops 3 or 2; has police stuff; has forgotten rblx acc, still known to this day; has 2 big brothers; plays for at least 7 hours on rblx and mc; had a cardboard riot shield; gets tickled by other big brother; has smart tv with yt; sits down on the couch nearly 24/7; rages so hard; hates big brother; even rages at stuff that hits him, what he loses, even clothes; he is annoying; punches stuff to get stronger; he is canadian-filipino; says "someones here" when theres someone at the door; doesnt look at memes, only sometimes; very itchy; has friends that bully him; has asthma; stalks Lost_Shiba | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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